About the Film

Ghost Money is feature documentary film about an aging filmmaker who returns to Vietnam after 40 years to find the girl he had loved during the war and discovers he may have fathered a child. Thwarted by misinformation and false leads, the filmmaker falls in love again, this time with his 31-year-old informant.

Miss LIen, aka Candy.

Miss Liên, aka Candy.

I fell in love with Candy when I was serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1972.  I worked for a branch of Special Services producing shows to entertain the troops.  I bunked in a barracks in Saigon but spent most of my time in cafes, bars and bookstalls.   I met Candy in the famous terrace bar of the Continental Palace Hotel.

Recently, I returned to Vietnam to find out what happened to Candy.  To my surprise, I discovered that I may have fathered a child, born in 1973, four months after I had returned to the U.S. So, now I am looking for my child. This film documents my search.  It is a love story, a war story, and a ghost story, that will open windows into areas of the Vietnam War that are rarely opened.

Larry in fatigues, Long Binh, Vietnam, 1972

Larry in fatigues, Long Binh, Vietnam, 1972

Candy’s trail leads back to the U.S., now the home of half a million Southeast Asian refugees torn from their homeland.

The war, I learned, is still killing people.  The defoliant Agent Orange, sprayed by Americans across the country, is still causing sickness and birth defects.  Unexploded ordnance is killing hundreds of Vietnamese every year.Two and a half million other Americans served in Vietnam. Fifty-eight thousand were killed in action.  Three hundred thousand were wounded.  But casualties alone cannot explain the effects of the war, which go far beyond the immediate destruction of life and property and reach into every area of social and personal life. The Vietnam War shaped America.  It was our rude awakening, America’s coming of age.

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