Auditions Held – several roles cast!

On Saturday we held a very productive audition for the men’s roles in the animated parts of Ghost Money.  To tell the story of my tour in Vietnam and my relationship with Candy, we will be using animated scenes. We were looking for actors to play the voices of some of the characters I came across–Killer Joe, Newbies, crazed GIs, By-the-book Lieutenant, etc. Many very capable actors signed up from agencies around the Portland area. All actors were asked to study the period and listen to examples of slang form the 60s and 70s.


Director Lawrence Johnson and casting coordinator Tabitha Williams, explain the process to the actors auditioning for Ghost Money at the Northwest Film Center in Portland.  Photo: Landon Robinson

The audition was coordinated by the capable Tabitha Williams with help from interns Landon Robinson, Leeann Brewster and Rachel Edith. Scott Corrie from PIMA Management was very helpful in finding fresh faces and recommending our interns. It went very smoothly and it seemed everyone appreciated the laid-back, efficient atmosphere. The Northwest Film Center was a great place to do the audition. Next, we will be looking for a Vietnamese woman to play the part of Candy.

Hooch Party

Rough Story board for Ghost Money animation — The Hooch Party

Keith White, Mike ,

Keith White, Mike Frazel, Dan Beigel party Vietnam style.


Jeffrey Arrington, AJ Taylor, Kylee Wegner

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