San Diego Asian Film Festival

I was blessed to appear in one of Vu Pham‘s short film “The Cutting Shadow,” which will be screening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.  I’ll be reveling in the atmosphere and making contacts regarding Ghost Money.

Catch Vu Pham on Oregon Art Beat tonight (Nov 9, 2017 at 8pm).

Oregon Confluence

Here’s a link to an article about my story.  Thank you Oregon Confluence: here.

Voicing Ghost Money

May 24.  This week has been incredible…  The animated portions of Ghost Money tell the story of my experience in Vietnam in 1972 and my relationship with Candy. (more…)

Casting news—Candy!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve cast Portland student, Anna Nguyen, for the important role of Candy in the animated portion of the film.  This was not an easy role to cast.  Not only did the actress have to have the right voice, the right accent and the acting ability, she had to look the part, as she will be posing for the animators to reference for their drawings.

Miss Anna is perfect on all points.  She’s got a lovely, rich voice and a great understanding of the role. (more…)

Chris Coleman sings Ethel Merman

In Ghost Money, all of my story in 1972 will be animated. Animation is a complicated process. Before anybody starts drawing frames, we start recording the voices that will go into the soundtrack. Once the soundtrack is roughed in, the animators can start drawing. Today, we started recording voices at Clark Salisbury’s home studio. We were honored that Chris Coleman, the artistic Director of Portland Center Stage voiced the part of John Sheehan. (more…)

Veterans for Peace

Last night I was honored to share an evening of poetry with Don Blackburn, a Vietnam veteran and a writer. The event was hosted by the wonderful Becky Luening and Brian Willson, peace activists working for Veterans for Peace. (more…)

Auditions Held – several roles cast!

On Saturday we held a very productive audition for the men’s roles in the animated parts of Ghost Money.  To tell the story of my tour in Vietnam and my relationship with Candy, we will be using animated scenes. We were looking for actors to play the voices of some of the characters I came across–Killer Joe, Newbies, crazed GIs, By-the-book Lieutenant, etc. Many very capable actors signed up from agencies around the Portland area. All actors were asked to study the period and listen to examples of slang form the 60s and 70s. (more…)

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