Casting news—Candy!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve cast Portland student, Anna Nguyen, for the important role of Candy in the animated portion of the film.  This was not an easy role to cast.  Not only did the actress have to have the right voice, the right accent and the acting ability, she had to look the part, as she will be posing for the animators to reference for their drawings.

Miss Anna is perfect on all points.  She’s got a lovely, rich voice and a great understanding of the role.

Anna Nguyen.

Anna Nguyen.

Originally from Bien Hoa, Vietnam, Anna immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 2006. They settled first in Olympia, Washington then moved to Portland in 2008.  She’s quite involved in the Vietnamese community, appearing in a couple of independent films in Vietnamese. She’s attending college and starting her own business.

“A lot of young Vietnamese want to know more about the war in their country,” says Anna. “Their parents don’t really want to talk about it.” It’s understandable. Many Vietnamese Americans came to this country under terrible circumstances, facing pirates at sea, drowning, arrest and long stays in refugee camps to get here. Miss Anna will serve the project as an ambassador to the Vietnamese-American community.

Miss Anna is thrilled to be cast in the role and anxious to start.  We hope to start recording voices in May.


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