Seeking Roy Brooks

Nguyen Van Helene is looking for his GI father named Roy Brooks who served in Long Binh in 1967-1968 / Gate 48 / Company 446. Mother named Nguyen Thi Huong ( her nickname was Dep, it was called my his dad ). Dep meant beautiful.

June seeking Tom Stewart

June Barlow

I was born in Saigon on 8/10/1966.
My father’s name was Tom Stewart , He was a sergeant major in the army.
He left to go back to the states in 1967.

Harry seeks his Daughter

Vietnam, I was there from 1968-71. I left a daughter there that was born about November of 1969. Her name as I understood it was Vong Sy Nha. The mothers name was Vong Sy Moui. We met in Vung Tau. My nickname at that time was Butch. I was a radio repair man in the USAF stationed at Vung Tau. I was discharged in country and went to a civilian job with USAID at Bien Hoa. The mother was of Chinese decent with family in the Cholon community of Saigon. She used to live at 18 Nguyen Trai Street/Tran Hung Dau St.  If anyone can help me locate my daughter please do so.

– Harry Setser


Good news! Thanks to Facebook and a network of concerned people, Vietnam veteran Jerry P. Quinn was recently reunited with his long lost son. A few months ago, armed with a few pictures, an old address and very little else, Jerry decided to search for his old girlfriend named Brandy, who bore his child during the Vietnam War in 1973.  Jerry contacted the Danish Brian Hjort of Father Founded, a group that helps unite GIs and their Amerasian children.  Jerry wrote, “I will always love ‘Brandy’…It was a terrible fate that broke us apart and I went on with life but she and my son have always been in my heart.” (more…)

Son Seeking Father

Nguyen Minh Hung was born November 30, 1971. His mother was a cook in the MACV mess hall in Ca Mau. Mr. Hung’s father was names Johnny (or Sondi…Sandy?) Taylor. He was a Sergeant on his second tour of Vietnam. His first tour was from 1970 to July or August 1971. Mr. Hung was born two months after his father started his second tour. (more…)

Dennis Looking for Vinh

Dennis Hall is a Vietnam veteran. He is looking for his long lost son, an Amerasian named Vinh. Vinh was born in 1973. Before Dennis and his ex (pictured here), Nga “Thyna”, lived in 281/50/3 Trương Minh Ky ( Le Van Sy). Nga came from Hue city. Dennis left Vietnam before Nga gave birth VINH. (more…)

I never Sang for my father…

Ngo Thanh Sang’s father Prown (or Brown) applied to get married to Sang’s mother and they both had marriage certificate. The GI father knew the child was born and saw the child growing up. Sang’s Birth certificate was applied with GI father’s full name shown on it and Marriage certificate. (more…)

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