I never Sang for my father…

Ngo Thanh Sang’s father Prown (or Brown) applied to get married to Sang’s mother and they both had marriage certificate. The GI father knew the child was born and saw the child growing up. Sang’s Birth certificate was applied with GI father’s full name shown on it and Marriage certificate.

Sang's mother Ngo Thi Lan.

Sang’s mother Ngo Thi Lan.

GI father Prown and mother Ngo Thi Lan both travelled to Soc Trang province in down south Mekong delta to ask Lan’s mother Kim Hui for permission to take the baby to the USA, but her mother Kim Hui didn’t let them to take her grandson away  to bring to the USA, so they were both disappointed and went back to Saigon without their child. He then left Vietnam in 1971.  Sang’s mother died of disease in 1994.








Ngo Thanh Sang is looking for Brown. Ngo Thanh Sang's mother's name is Ngo Thi Lan. Ngo Thanh Sang's father's name is Brown or Prown. The parents met in Tan Binh during 1965-1971 .

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