Harry seeks his Daughter

Vietnam, I was there from 1968-71. I left a daughter there that was born about November of 1969. Her name as I understood it was Vong Sy Nha. The mothers name was Vong Sy Moui. We met in Vung Tau. My nickname at that time was Butch. I was a radio repair man in the USAF stationed at Vung Tau. I was discharged in country and went to a civilian job with USAID at Bien Hoa. The mother was of Chinese decent with family in the Cholon community of Saigon. She used to live at 18 Nguyen Trai Street/Tran Hung Dau St.  If anyone can help me locate my daughter please do so.

– Harry Setser


Any information is appreciated. Please contact info@ghostmoneythefilm.com

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