Lena is Looking for Lee

Lena Nguyen would like to find her American father. She has very little information as her mother had to destroy any record of her American partner to avoid persecution after Reunification. His name is Lee but Lena is not sure whether it is his first or last name. Her mother’s name was Bay Nguyen. Lena’s father worked in the military in Saigon and Da Nang. He and some friends built a small bar for Bay to manage in Da Nang.   If you have any information, please contact: info@ghost-money.com.

Lena Nguyen, 2013.

Lena Nguyen, 2013.

Lean's mother, Xoan Nguyen, about 1971.

Lena’s mother, Xoan Nguyen, about 1971.


Lena is looking for Lee. Lena's mother's name is Bay Nguyen. Lena's father's name is Lee. The parents met in Saigon and Da Nang .

Any information is appreciated. Please contact info@ghostmoneythefilm.com

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