Thuy Looking for Father

Võ Thị Thu Thủy, who was born in Nov 16th, 1967 in Qui Nhon, is looking for her father, who worked in the Air Force as engineer for aircraft in Qui Nhon Airbase in 1967. His name sounds like Boln, Doln or Bill. (more…)

Looking for Lai

Hello I am Bill Wilson I was sent to Vietnam in April of 1970 as a Photographer with the 221st Signal Company Pictorial in Long Binh. I met Nguyen Thi Lai working at the NCO club at Long Binh we were marred in Sept of 1970 and our daughter was born November of 1971 I was moved to Quinhon in February of 1972 and in October of 1972 I was sent back to the USA I promised to help Nguyen Thi Lai get her/our family out of Vietnam. (more…)

Tung looking for Dad

My name is Tung Nguyen. I was born on July 7th 1970 in Bien Hoa city , Dong Nai province, Vietnam. I am half of Vietnamese and American. I came to USA on June 04th 2008. I am looking for my father, an American. He worked in Long Binh store in Dong Nai province in 1969 when my mother was 17 years. My mother name is Mai Phi Nguyen (Nguyen Phi Mai); she was born in 1952.  


Lena is Looking for Lee

Lena Nguyen would like to find her American father. She has very little information as her mother had to destroy any record of her American partner to avoid persecution after Reunification. His name is Lee but Lena is not sure whether it is his first or last name. (more…)

Christine is Seeking Sam


Christine is looking for her father, an American serviceman and civilian worker. His first name is Sam. His last name sounds like Bruno. He lived in California and came to Vietnam in 1965. He was an architect. His office was at 6 Duy Tan in the RMK-BRJ building.

RMK-BRJ office, Saigon 1972.

RMK-BRJ office, Saigon 1972.

He traveled back and forth between Saigon and Da Nang until 1968, after which he stayed in Saigon only.   (more…)

Larry Johnson, 1971.

Larry Johnson, 1971.

Filmmaker Larry Johnson is looking for his one-time fiancé. A U.S. Army veteran, he was stationed in Saigon in 1972. He is looking for Trương Mỹ-Liên (a.k.a. Candy) and is anxious to find out if Miss Liên is okay and the location of the child she may have given birth to in 1973. (more…)

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