Thuy Looking for Father

Võ Thị Thu Thủy, who was born in Nov 16th, 1967 in Qui Nhon, is looking for her father, who worked in the Air Force as engineer for aircraft in Qui Nhon Airbase in 1967. His name sounds like Boln, Doln or Bill.

Thuy now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She is a married housewife. She has a son who works as a driver like her husband. Her mother, Vo Thi Bup, passed away on 2005.  If you have any information about anyone in this post please this site.  Thank you!

Thuy's father, 1967.

Thuy’s father, 1967.

Mother - Vo Thi Bup

Mother – Vo Thi Bup


Vo Thi Thu Thuy is looking for Bill or Boln or Boln. Vo Thi Thu Thuy's mother's name is Vo Thi Bup. Vo Thi Thu Thuy's father's name is Bill. The parents met in Qui Nhon .

Any information is appreciated. Please contact

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