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My name is Tung Nguyen. I was born on July 7th 1970 in Bien Hoa city , Dong Nai province, Vietnam. I am half of Vietnamese and American. I came to USA on June 04th 2008. I am looking for my father, an American. He worked in Long Binh store in Dong Nai province in 1969 when my mother was 17 years. My mother name is Mai Phi Nguyen (Nguyen Phi Mai); she was born in 1952.  

My grandmother name is Mi Thi Huynh or My Thi Huynh (Huynh Thi Mi or My). My grandmother job was washing and iron uniforms and clothes for American soldiers. She told me that my father had a job as giving Vietnamese foods and drinks (like volunteer, I guess). Before my father left Vietnam, he digged an water well for my grandmother at her house. He knew, my mother was pregnant, so he told his American black friend an electrician in Long Binh store that “please help him to bring me to USA later when his friend comes back to USA”, but his friend passed away in Vietnam. My grandmother also told me that, my father has had a daughter in USA before he came to Vietnam. My older sister was a disabled or handicapped girl. I don’t know how to write my father name. My aunt called his name is McGinley or McGeney or Mckinney or McKinley… Before, I have had many my father’s pictures, but my aunt scared of communist, she burned them out.

Tung Nguyen
I earnestly wish I can see my father, even for once before too late. I am 43 years old, and I believe that my father is old now. If you have any information about my father, or where can I get an ADN check to find my father, please help me an answer.  


Tung Nguyen is looking for Sounds like McKinley. Tung Nguyen's mother's name is Nguyen Phi Mai. Tung Nguyen's father's name is McKinley. The parents met in Bien Hoa .

Any information is appreciated. Please contact info@ghostmoneythefilm.com

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