We finished the Indiegogo campaign in style under the bloody red glow of the lunar eclipse! My thanks to everyone who donated. Including the cash contributions, we raised over $4000!

I want to also thank the team of professionals who helped put this campaign together. Tara Johnson-Medinger, Emily Von W. Gilbert, Amy Faust, Brit McGinnis and Elizabeth Buckwalter.  You all did a fantastic job!

I just want to say thanks so much to those who were able to come to the Ghost Money party at Brian Lindstrom and Cheryl Strayed’s house Thursday night.  A wonderful event!  Great Vietnamese food and drink (many wondered what made the sticky rice orange…sorry, still don’t have an answer for you!)! It was great meeting those I hadn’t met before and seeing old friends!  And to those who weren’t able to make it, sorry we missed you! It was so generous of Brian and Cheryl to open their home!  A big thanks, guys! Because of you, we were able to raise an additional $1500 toward our goal!

Larry talks to attendees at Brian and Cheryl's Ghost Money party.

Larry talks to attendees at Brian and Cheryl’s Ghost Money party.

I’m really grateful to those who were able to donate! Your support at this stage of the project is very meaningful!  These funds will employ actors, animators, sound technicians and musicians to start work on the animation. If you still want to donate, head over to Hollywood Theatre’s site! You will receive a tax deduction for donation over $250. Just click Hollywood!  And…If you donate $250 or more you’ll receive one of my original drawings made in Vietnam in 1972.

Under the Bunk, 5" x 7"

Under the Bunk, 5″ x 7″

So, join the Regional Arts and Culture Council and private donors! Please help make Ghost Money a reality!  

Thanks for supporting the arts!

Thanks to the following generous people who have donated to Ghost Money:

Susan Addy –  Ana Ammann – Sue Arbuthnot & Richard Wilhelm – Bill & Rickee Arntz – Dan Barton – Katherine Bradtke – Pamela Chipman – Molly Cliff – Helen Daltoso and Jim Wilcox – Bruce and Janell Denk – Jason Edwards – Lora Gordon – Lindsey Grayzell – Cheryl Green – Greg Hamilton – Elizabeth Harrington – Linda Hebert – Halle Hennessey – Jenika – Miranda Jones – Shelli Jury – Joanna Kirkpatrick – Clayton C. Knight – Sharon Knorr – Michele Kribs – Alain LaTourneau – Brian Lindstrom – Cynthia Lopez – Beck Luening – Anmol Madan – Brian Magill – Steve Mattsson – Dean McCrea – Tom McFadden – Darcy Miller – Judy Miner – Rebecca Morinishi – Nolee Olson – Tony & Betsy Pfannenstiel – Thomas Phillipson – Jerry P. Quinn – Rocoactivist – Ben Sandberg – Joel & Natalie Serber – Paul & Joan Sher – Dawn Smallman & Greg Snider  – Larry Smith – Alan Smithee – Amy Snyder – A. J. Taylor – Enie Vaisburd – Scott Weber – Shirley Weber – Jackie Weissman – Chel White – Robin Willis – Younited States

In the $1000 category we have three donations!  One anonymous, one from Scott Ray Becker and one from Carolyn Hintz! Thanks everyone!

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